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  1. Got to go with WOV. Carrier ops is wonderful and flying Navy jets is what I want ;)
  2. Just narrow it down to what you want to start with for your sim and then go from there. For me I want carrier ops and air combat, so I went with WOV. Also, keep in mind the newest patches for WOV take the code of the game up to the status of WOE, so basically your flying the same sim. But, if you want more advanced fighters and some more campaign, scenario stuff, go with WOE. They are both not very expensive, read reviews, look at screenshots, and get one! PS. Dont be afraid of SOME mods that say they only work in WOE. Onced your patched, they should work in WOV. AKA, I am running the F-14 Stike Tomcat in WOV with no problems even though the readme says it wont do in WOV alone...
  3. Vertical Climb

    Casual afternoon climbing to the sky!
  4. Awsome, thanks a bunch fellows In the middle of downloading them!!
  5. Hey guys :) I am really getting into the sim again and absolutely love it! Quick question here though. Now that I have WOV updated with Patch 8 and SP5, are there any other updates that are a must like a weapons pack, skin pack, etc etc? BTW, I love how the new sim updates allow you to fly the planes that are meant for WOE, it is so great, yay F-14QS!!!
  6. I used the Omega's in the past but never really saw a difference? When running sims, drivers are drivers it seems, if they work, great, if not, I try another, lol. Installed the sim two days ago and is running like a dream. No stutter or slowdown what so ever under a customized medium setting (graphics). If I set to high, I get a noticeable stutter, but nothing major but I was also in a overcast region with a city and bandits like fireflys so that could have been a reason too Looking forward to putting in the Tomcat and Hornet for the sim, should really spice it up. Sure enjoy the new SP5 and Patch 8 for the sim, seems alot more stable now and fast. Wish it had an ejection sound though, that is a major flaw in a flight sim I think. Thanks again for your help guys. See ya around!
  7. Hi, thanks for the nice replys! Ok, sounds like I should be in good shape anyway. I forgot to tell you too I am running a 2.10GHz AMD system but looks like that is well enough. My graphics driver I am going to run will be Cat 7.8. I also have a radio controle sim on this computer and the other day when I did a complete format and re-install of this system (once a year maintence thing) I installed the latest Cat drivers, but they didn't seem to be even recognized in my rc sim, so spent a few hours trying the older drivers one by one till I found the one that DID work in the rc sim, so hoping it will also work in WOV. Thanks again and happy flying :)
  8. Hi! I am new to the forum and I am starting to get into WOV, I was away from it for a while. My question is this. Which is the best ATI driver now days to use for this sim to get smooth FPS and great detail? I am running Win XP SP2, 1GB DDR RAM, ATI Radeon 9550 256MB, and screen res of 1024 X 768. If you could shed some light on this that would be great. Have a bandit day! PS, Are there any performance tweaks I need to know about for XP SP2?

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