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  1. HOW TO

    ok, thanks i'll try that .ps sorry about the wrong subform
  2. I downloaded a great skyraider but when i added it to my wings over vietnam the eng,sounds like a bunch of made bee's but the sound file that come with it sounds like a true raider how do i get it to read that file and not the one that sound like a mad prop plane. thanks for any replys. Diamondbacks399
  3. flight severs for w.o.v

    thanks ghost i'll ck it out
  4. flight severs for w.o.v

    Hello all i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a online sever for wings over vietnam any info would be great i just got the game but i fly alot on fs2004 i was apart of the va named usvaf but anyway look foward to hearing from any replys thanks .chris
  5. i downloaded this plane its great and all but why cant you cary any bombs i put it in wov and when i go to load for mission it wont loand any just guns work .thanks [399]

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