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  1. It's a shame... There's so much that I like about this sim... The quality in the graphics and flight model alone have always impressed me, as well as the scope. But little things just drive me nuts on it... the painful map/waypoint system... the annoying voiceovers (....the sound of the voices are great, but the performances are annoying (the hyper Russian guy shouting repeatedly), and either overly excited or way too relaxed.... American:'Someone get him off me....(yawn)..... Please....').... and the terribly disappointing 'lawnmower' engine sound. The bombing runs (heavy bombers) drove me crazy for the longest time (mostly the waypoint system and autopilot switchover systems), but just recently I got it working and did a successful run (of a mission I've failed countless times, much to my violent disappointment...). I figured out some of the things I did wrong, but am still struggling with things like the waypoint system. Shame it's not more modable.... I'd love for someone to make a b17... Ya, I have the campaign generator. I'll have to fire that up again and see. Thanks for the responses!
  2. Okay, thanks... I just thought I heard of some solution (or at least mention of the problem) in some forum long ago. Couldn't remember if it was resolved or not. Cheers...
  3. Seems like you can't change anything once you start a career... Locks all the settings down. I can see why they do that, but they SHOULD allow you to turn off an aid (like labels) anytime. Not allowing the turning ON aids during a career is understandable.... although, frankly, I think in all games/sims the player should have freedom of choice, and not have it treated like it's some competition that has to have fair rules, etc. Ah, well... I just started a new career with the aids off. Problem solved... just not the way I'd like.
  4. Is there a keyboard command to toggle lables on/off? For some reason, labels are suddenly on, and I'd like to get rid of them. Are there keyboard commands for the map, so I don't have to use the mouse to click in them to zoom, etc?
  5. Are the standard Pilot Careers dynamic by default, or do I need to do something to have that? I can't get past the first mission (...and am getting really tired of it). Is there any way to skip it, or have a different mission generated instead?
  6. Is there a fix for the TrackIR Pro controlling the external view (...I'd like for the hat switch to do it, not the TrackIR Pro... as it's awkard twisting your head to view the other sides of the plane)?
  7. Is the old manual still usable?

    True enough... but which manual in the F4 docs folder? There are several manuals there (as well as other documents and folders). No 'Open Falcon' one... So I'm assuming that it's the SP4 one?... I thought SP4 was a different 'mod' than Open Falcon. I was surprised to find it there... along with some of the other ones.
  8. Regarding the full merged IL2 (Aces, Pacific, etc) sim... 1) Is there a way to change the current waypoint on the map display? It's annoying that it seems to insist you fly to each next waypoint, regardless of the situation ...like if I'm already 2 waypoints ahead of it, due to having to take a detour, yet it wants me to go back and hit the first one... or if I am badly damaged, and want to head straight for home, it still insists I hit all the waypoints. 2) Is there a way to declutter the map (remove all the gun icons) AFTER a career is started? You should be able to toggle them on/off if you have selected to have them on in your career difficulty settings. Most of the time, the target area is completely covered by icons, so you can't look at terrain/landmarks. 3) Why is it that you have to switch autopilot off in order to turn the wing leveler on/off... even though the wing leveler can be on with autopilot on or off? 4) Why is it that you can't adjust the bombsite (altitude, speed, viewing angle) while autopilot is on for the pilot? Those are two separate positions. Why are they treated as one in terms of autopilot? 5) Is there no way to see what altitudes you are supposed to be at for each waypoint on the briefing map? 6) Why is it that very often, it seems that I can't slow down the bombsite speed enough to prevent drift? Is there a minimum altitude you can use the bombsite at? I have the other settings correct, yet even at the slowest speed, the bombsite targeter is sliding down faster than the ground. 7) Is there no way to accelerate time faster than 8x? Meaning, is there no 'jump to next waypoint' feature? 8) How are the altitude and airspeed guages in the bombing deck read? The altitude seems to be way higher than the sim info panel altitude. Are they in different units? If so, why the heck would they do that? (The plane makers, not the programmers) 9) Are there any fighterplane campaigns that focus on ground attacks, rather than dogfighting? Thanks...
  9. Anyone know if/where there are settings for the default distance the F2 camera is from your jet? I'd like to set the distance farther than the default. As well, can you also set the 'drifting camera' (CTRL J) as on by default, and the info bar (Y) as off by default?.... or does it remember whatever setting you last had? I can't remember...
  10. Must have missed that one somehow... Thanks.
  11. I hear ya... The ones I've been interested in (and previously installed) were things like the fps helper, complete soundpacks (the new jet sounds and heavy breathing really help), landing light fix, F4 view mod (further forward to include pilot), tree shader, landscape mod (more detail on airports)... fairly basic stuff... mostly to improve fps or graphics. The only 'new plane' mod I've been interested in is the f16 one, but was always frightened away by the fact that it saves over your hotfiles. I think it was the fps mod that killed my install... parts of it were not installed (modman showed them as red), as they saved over hotfiles. I tried doing a 'file by file' install of the one graphic.ini one in that fps mod, and that seemed to screw up things (...at least, in the long run). The f16 one DOES look nice... but I won't install it if it's risky. I've recently dusted off Falcon 4 (...I actually have the original sim), and discovered Open Falcon, so that may address my f16 need. I'm in the process of installing LOMAC/FC right now. Just doing the FC patch now, and I'm done. Then, I'll do a complete backup of the folders/files somewhere so that I don't have to go through the full install again if one of the modman mods goes bad on me. My fps is good, but I'm going to tinker some more to see what I can do to help it. Really, only the SU25's tv monitor kills me... everything else is just occasional stutters, etc. Oh, regarding your soundpack... Ya, I actually saw it before, when I was downloading all the mods. I'm downloading it now again, just in case I didn't have it before. I'll try that instead. Sounds like it's a good 'best of' type thing. Thanks!
  12. Is there some way to have LOMAC display the FPS?
  13. I'm wondering if anyone has made any mods for the map display in LOMAC/FC... specifically zoom/position controls. I've always found it a bit frustrating that there were no keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/out and center display to you. The existing zoom system is really inefficient (click on zoom in/out tool, click on map)... even having the map zoom in/out when you click on the +/- buttons would be better than the 2 step process it currently is. I never understood why they did it that way. Better still, just have a keyboard shortcut for zoom in, zoom out, and center map to player. It would be nice if you could select whether the sim pauses when you go to the map. I pretty much HAVE to pause it anyway, as I often go to the map, only to find it's displaying a section that I'm nowhere near.... so I have to click on the - key, click on the map repeatedly to zoom out to see where my plane is, deselect the zoom out tool, scroll the map to center my plane, select the zoom in tool, then repeatedly click on the map to zoom in. Crazy stuff... especially when you're damaged, and struggling to keep your plane level and above ground! A shame there's no small popup version of the map you could view in the cockpit too... [LATE ADDITION] (Slaps head) Well, I just accidentally discovered the mouse wheel zoom in/out.... That's much better! Still, a center map to player feature would be nice (rather than zooming out, finding your plane, then zooming in). Next question... Wouldn't a pilot have a flight plane with them (that shows waypoints, and their altitudes/speeds, etc)? You get it at the mission briefing, but don't have access to it during the mission itself... or did I miss something again?
  14. Excellent! That worked. Not sure what it was that I was installing before (...first one was v2... or so it seemed), then I had another one that was 1.1, but seemed to be an update (rather than full install), so it said it couldn't update. The link you sent me worked, and LMR installed and seems to be working. Have to test it out. My installation of LOMAC seems to have been permanently screwed. No engine/flare noise on ANYTHING now, even with mods uninstalled. So, I'll have to do a clean install. I'm curious... What mods are you running? Any I should avoid? Any I should definitely run? I'm using Modman 6. Which soundpack do you prefer? Thanks so much for your help with this. Very much appreciated!

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