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  1. Yes it's the same as mine, when I tried to reinstall it Win RAR came up stateing the files were corrupt, so I'm downloading it again. Thank you Wolf69.
  2. Hi Wolf65, Talking about the OV-10 did you notice the missing textures on the wheels and undercarriage.
  3. Thank you all for your replies USAFMTL yes as mentioned in my previous post the OV-10 is listed under heavy bombers that's why I couldn't find it. Now my next task is to add AI aircraft and static aircraft as the ramps look empty. Thanks again for you helpfull advice. Yes your of course right Wolf65 multi engined x2 I post corrected.
  4. Thanks for that Wolf65, so this happens in WOV a common event in Recon missions not just my set up, also I found an OV-10 in downloads here under heavy bombers, maybe it should be moved to a more relevent folder. Thanks again.
  5. Greetings all, my first post here, it has been a long time since I flew a combat sim it was Janes USAF so what brings me here, the other day I purchased Wings Over Vietnam. I have been busy adding patch's and Sp's and a few aircraft, however I do seem to have a slight glitch in Autopilot the aircraft pitch's up and down whilst climbing on full power for a second or so then going down deploying the airbrake and so on, now being an Aircraft Engineer myself I think something is wrong, can this be corrected. I have done an extensive search for an OV-10 for WOV is there one available. Thank you.

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