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  1. Campaign .CAT file help

    Thanks for your translations of these settings tailspin. Your dedication and efforts are greatly apretiated! I think getting the ini in the right folder will be my first step. It just got frustrating changing settings (even to 'off the chart' settings) and not seeing any change. Hopefully now I can do my experiments Thanks!
  2. Campaign .CAT file help

    Not having the modified files in the correct folders seems to be my biggest problem. I extract them, modify them where they are extracted (the same folder as the .CAT file) and leave them there. Tailspin, Do you happen to have a good reference for what the weapons settings do? Some settings seem to have similarly descriptive names?
  3. Campaign .CAT file help

    Thanks Froggy, when I moved the camp and camp_data.ini files from the FLIGHT folder to the apropriate campaign folder it worked right away . I did not have to change the unitid to 24. Tailspin, now its on to that rate of fire! I was also wanting to shorten the distance the archie guns can reach out just a bit as not to have guns firing at you that are WAY off in the distance. Like I said, these changes are for MY enjoyment of the game and may not necessarily be historically accurate.
  4. Campaign .CAT file help

    I will give those a try, thanks. If there is a better way to add the DVII as a flyable aircraft in the two new campaigns with the expansion pack, please let me know. This was the only way I could come up with thus far.
  5. Campaign .CAT file help

    Thanks for the quick reply Tailspin. I will give the Gun Editor a try. Was not there last time I looked I don't believe. What kind of things does the Weapons Editor let you do?
  6. I am an obvious newbie to mods to FE. I can use the SFP1E program to extract the .cat files but I seem to run into a lot of situations where I modify the .CAT file and the change does not seem to take effect. For example, My biggest desire would be to add the ability to fly a DVII in the Operation Michael campaign (historically accurate or not). I have gone in the CAMPAIGNS/wwiE1Camp2 folder and modified the wwiE1Camp2.ini file. I changed the entries in bold. [GERMANYUnit005] UnitName=Jasta 6 ForceID=2 UnitID=5 StartDate=3/21/1918 AircraftType=FokkerDr1 - FokkerD7F DescFile=wwiE1Camp2Start.txt StartText=wwiE1Camp2Start.txt StartScreen=wwiStartGerman.bmp CampaignBaseScreen=wwiBaseFokkerDr1.bmp - wwiBaseFokkerD7.bmp I made the same changes to the WWIE1CAMP2.INI file in the FLIGHT folder (why is this file repeated in the flight folder? Only difference I can see is this file is named with a cap I in the 'WWI' in the name. Also in the flight folder I changed the WWIE1CAMP2_DATA.INI file as follows: // German Unit 5 [AirUnit024] AircraftType=FokkerDr1 - FokkerD7F UnitName=Jasta 6 *** I know that there is not Jasta 6 under DVIIF folder but forgot to change this at the time *** ForceID=2 Nation=GERMANY DefaultTexture=Jasta6 - GermanCamo1 BaseArea=Awoingt Aerodrome RandomChance=100 BaseMoveChance=10 MaxAircraft=12 MaxAircraft=12 MaxPilots=12 StartPilots=12 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 Intelligence=20 etc..... When I fire up FE and play it, it still has the DR1 listed as the plane when I choose Jasta6 in the Operation Michael campaign and it works as if I did not change ANYTHING . Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Onther thing I changed and does not seem to matter is the ROF for the archie guns. I try all different values and they seem to fire at the same rate anyway (but this issue is secondary to the first one).

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