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  1. Thanks p10ppy, I'll have to look into it and give it a try - thanks for the tip & the fun with your mod! In fact going to loadout for a change of wingmen was my next step. The in-cockpit ironsight gives true aim for the Vickers while the one out of the cockpit sights true for the canon, though had to change ironsight to get one out of the cockpit, the one from the model seems not implemented in the updated FE version. Quite spectacular when you nail the opponent, whew - but I still need 3 rounds for a hit. Just got 2 Alb DI after one of them took out my right tail flap in the first passing, while friendly A1 stood by watching ... I wonder how it performs on ground objects like e.g. tanks, like playing A10 in the big war?
  2. Following Peters advice & deleting the AI sections from the data ini to revert to TKs defaults for AI flight is apparently working here, all friendlies start finding their firing button and some actually hit enemy aircraft. :yes:
  3. Thanks Heck, that does it nicely But the Spad XII's A1 should take a speed course on that SAMC Moteur canon, however seeing what they accomplish with their Vickers one could is asking himself if that would be worth the trouble. Enemy A1 - even the ones Peter did not refresh yet - is taking them out without any trouble. Probably that is caused by the iron sight calibrated on the canon & so it is way off for their primary gun?
  4. Spend some of time over the last 2 weeks putting adds -mostly aircraft- in expanded & newly patched FE. :moil: I did not stop with the ones Peter already got new fm's for but also tried the better part for which he previously furnished them besides & most of them still do surprisingly well. :fans: However the Spad XII of p10ppy presents me a problem where I sure could use some help. I already tried it once and could not make the canon function. Giving it a second try I come to his bottom line and see where I wend of track: "Important: the GUNDATA.INI must be saved in the gun editor after manual editing".Got me the 3rd Wire 5 gun & weapon editors I could find but there I stray again ...Where do I go from there? Throwing it the edited GUNDATA.INI and saving it in what exactly?Went for a GUNDATA.DAT file but it gives me something that the text editor can open like an ini, so that is not it ... Some guidance with the exact kind of editor would be greatly appreciated.
  5. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    OK I got those beta's with the Bristol scouts from Skunkworks:http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/down the page. Sorry guys, I got the page with the regular stuff bookmarked without a side frame/menu and so it was impossible to get around on the site an to the beta's ... corrected it now.
  6. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    Hi BleddynIf you get back to the original PfalzDr1_Data.ini, you should get muzzle fire from both guns in stead of out of nowhere somewhere in the middle when borrowing the Tripe's or Fokker Dr1 data. Only the fm on that one is real hard.When I took Peter's fm for the Tripe and went trying it out I got in a mission with PfalzDr1 with their original fm and they got shredded as much by my A1 as by by me, that should tell something.However there is or was something off with the animation of the A-Teams PfaltzDr1: firing the Spandau's made the hammer kick inward instead of backward.There is a post about that on the A-team and they were about to correct & update, it should have been done by now.
  7. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    I saw the tread with your posts about the Bristol Scout beta's on the A-teams FE forum but I do not find the beta's among SkunkWorks downloads - while registered on both I still am trying to find my way around over there & here also ...Sure would appreciate a pointer :yes: Much appreciate your work on those fm's, Peter - they sure are complicated and it must be hell to get them to work properly!
  8. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    That probably is 'cause it is the Fokker's fm so it will have to be reconfigured to work properly in the Phalz.Like the Tripe's, which I'm trying out has only one Vickers while the Phalz two Spandau. So using the Tripe's fm for the Phalz gives only one muzzle fire between his two machineguns while trying to stick the internal gun data from the original Phalz' fm into the one of the Tripe does not work at all , something else must still interfere ... some pointers here?
  9. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    Ups, that helps Southside Bucky 'cause I already presumed Alzheimer was a bit early, for me that is - ok maybe not exactly early, still in denial about my age .... lol I think the Pfatz dr1 came stocked with the Tripe's FM from the A-team and while I can just about keep it airborne enemy A1 is each time shredding me & the whole squat I bring along to pieces .So maybe you gave it also the Pfatz dr1 FM from Peter?
  10. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    Hi Southside Bucky Thanks for that list, will save me lots of time. However I seem to have trouble in locating some, eg the Pfalz Dr.I - would you mind to specify which FM pack of Peter you are exactly refering to? :yes: Bunches of thanks to peter to
  11. TracKIR4 problem in FE

    Vincent from NaturalPoint Technical Support made it run again! His advice: "Make sure you are running all applications at the same permission levels within Vista". Had TrackIR running as administrator while FE & IL2 1946 apparently not 'cause those never gave problems (installed in a games folder instead of programs folder - btw same for TrackIR). Did that to for FE & IL2 1946 and trackIR gives back his cheeriest blue led for them. Funny I had not that problem before CFS3 install? Also weird it does the prompt after making them run as administrator while it did not before.
  12. Installed TracKIR4 last Saturday and functioned without a problem in all the my mods of FE & with IL2 1946: green led on starting TracKIR4 program and a blue the moment the games were activated. Now Sunday I installed CFS3 & ETO and finally OFF where honestly I got a bit disgusted from the Quick Combat throwbacks (endless roaming before finally bumping into much anticipated opponents - having to limp back to base in order to save a active pilots career - reduced to pieces in collision each time on trying to start a session with wingmen in sky ... all the having to recreate & activate a new pilot profile - where is the fun factor in all that??? and the configuration so easy to locate in CFS3 and ETO but squirreled away in OFF: GIVE ME FE ANYTIME). This evening I wanted some good old fun with FE & guess what: TracKIR4 is not doing it anymore - in neither of the FE versions nor in IL2 - only in CFS3, ETO & OFF do I get a blue led: CFS3 & ETO the moment the game is activated, OFF only when a session is loaded. OS is Vista Home premium.

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