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  1. Thank gumpy for your reply! In easy mode, i feel very easy to shoot out any enemy plane. I will try many month to go forward hard mode.
  2. Hi! all. I'm a newbie come to WOV. Before i played many arcade flight sim: f22 lightning 3, hawk... Now i buy WOV and try to play it. In the beginning, do i need play on easiest difficult or hard difficult? Do anyone have some tips for me to practice this game? Thank everyone to help me!
  3. Please tell me how to use Sparrow. I don't know using radar to fire it. Now i can win in dogfight 1vs1 in normal mode. I will practice dogfight 1vs2. Thanks everyone!
  4. I think i must practice dogfight very much. Coz in WOE doesn't have unlimited missile. I often went out missiles before mission complete. Then i go to dogfight and K.I.A . I usually choose F15C in WOE. Before i play F22 lightning 3 and Mig 29 Fulcrum.
  5. Thanks! I will practice. I using Gravis Xterminator Dual Control to play Wings over Europe. Does anyone have good setup for this joystick? I think most fans of Wing over series can play good at Hard mode.
  6. I'm a newbie come to WOE. In easy mode, i can easy take out any enemy. When i try normal, i feel very hard to take out enemy from dogfight. Please give me advice how to practice in this mode. Thanks!
  7. Hi! i'm playing FS 2004. I fly with default air plane. Take off and Cruising no problem. But when i try manual landing, i see very hard to do. Anyone who have experience about manual landing, please show me the way to practice landing. Thanks!
  8. I'm a newbie come to air combat sim. Now i'm playing Wings Over Europe and play in easy mode with normal AI, i always win. But i want go to normal then hard mode. Anyone who have experience about this game, can tell me advice to step by step i can go to master? I'm living in Vietnam, there is no one play this game. Thanks! Sorry about my English.
  9. How i can get enough missile to kill enemy? Kill enemy by cannon very hard.
  10. Hi! Everybody. I'm a noob come to combat sim. I'm try Wings over Vietnam on easy mode. I set easy but i don't have unlimited ammo. When i empty ammo, i don't know how to refill it? please help me

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