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  1. thank you, i probably did not look into that thread cause it had INI editing in its name
  2. Hi another beginners question: is there a way to set the afterburner sensitivity to be higher ? Like now the afterburner will kick in at around 70% of thrust at most planes, i think 80 or even 90 would be better. Any way to change this ?
  3. errrr....thank you ! i thought this was a standard ;)
  4. hi i have deleted my previously installed version of WOE as i had mixed several things together and i wanted a clean reinstall so i could install several mods properly. here is what happened: i installed WOE and patched it then added the weapons pack mod and the COMM mod copied all files and directories then created a NATO - folder for the nato mod... however some missions had no loadouts so i ran the weapons pack again... now it is all a bit messed up...i get wrong planes and loadouts etc... so iam gonna reinstall everything but for NATO mod...do i have to install the weapons pack ...or not ...and if yes...before or after the NATO mod is installed... thanks for the help
  5. Enemy Planes

    thank you very much for the link. as for the random missions: so this means after downloading new aircraft (created by modders) they will show up as enemy eventually, given iam starting in the correct time period ?
  6. Enemy Planes

    thanks for your replies, sorry if my question was not clear. yes, i want to know if i can make the mig 25 show up as enemy aircraft when flying for NATO in WOE. also...`(hijacking my own thread)....does it make a difference if you start/land rather than just start/end the mission close to target ?
  7. now iam really falling in love with this game (WOE)...i also ordered WOV today however iam not sure yet how some things in the game work... for example i know how i can add the mig 25 as flyable aircraft but how can i make it an enemy plane...is that possible at all? maybe someone could shed some light on this
  8. thank you...it seems that after changing some options my screens and that files are there :)
  9. thanks for the info tank03 last question: where can i find my pilot profiles if i want to delete them ? @wolf 65 yes but you have to disable shaders...there is a sticky in this forum how to do it...
  10. hi, iam new to WOE, i hope someone can help me on this. iam running the game in VISTA and already solved the problem with the shaders thanks to this forum. some noob questions: 1. i took several screenshots inflight....however they are not in the screenshot folder of WOE...where are they ? 2. iam currently downloading the NATO mods and i wonder if there is a list of mods available 3. can i install several mods at the same time ? thanks in advance CR

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