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  1. Yes. This old chestnut. I have recently tried to run my aged copy of EAW having uncovered a little about the 7217 error which stopped me from running it when I replaced my system 2 years ago. I had no idea how 'common' the error was on EAW Sure enough after installation, up popped the dreaded 7217. I have installed the following patches: 120 to 128a 128ato128b The 7217 went away only to be replaced with 803 Progress perhaps, but not quite what I was hoping for. Can anyone on here explain what the error is (google search says it's a font issue?) and if there is any way to get around it? Techy stuff that may help: My EAW was a clean install. System: XP service pack3 Athlon 64x2 dual 2.51GHz 2.00 Gb RAM 8600GTS 512Mb Thanks Alan
  2. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    btw, is it possible that you didnt let EAW1.28c create a absolut new EAW.ini?? Hi Knegel, Apologies for my ignorance in this matter, but how would I do that? I presume I delete the cd installed .ini file, install the patch and run the game? As an aside, I've also tried to run EAW in my new vista laptop - I can get as far as the 'home' screen of EAW, but it is 'ripped' and unuseable. The music file plays ok though :) Alan
  3. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    Hi CJ, Thanks for the heads up Unfortunately the 1.28c patch didn't work either..... Back to CF3 I go....
  4. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    Ok, tried that. Aaaaargh! Still no luck... This game hates me for some reason :) I guess my graphics card must be incompatible... Cheers Alan
  5. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    Hi Knegel, Thanks for the guide and extra patch. Unfortunately even with all the patches installed the game still don't work..... I think there's something more going on than just updates. I appreciate your efforts and input. Alan
  6. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    Thanks for the replies guys! @Jel Thanks for the FONTS file. Unfortunately the game now gives a shutdown error "EAW has encountered a problem and needs to close...." when trying to run it. What I have done is this (in this order): Clean Install added 120 to 128a patch added 128 to 128a patch added 128ato128b patch That got me to the "803" Pasted in Jels Font file Game now encounters the closedown error. I've also tried changing the compatability with the same results i.e. the closedown error I'm no doubt doing something very basic and silly :) Any help?
  7. Error 7217 now error 803 derrrr

    Thanks for the personal research! Only copy I have is [the original] on the game CD Tried to paste it in, but no luck - still get the 803. I guess it's not that simple.... I have another copy of the game so I'll see if I can use the FONT.cdf from that...
  8. Just added this one to my (growing) collection. Many thanks!
  9. As a n00b I hope this is the right place for this: I've downloaded "a few" aircraft from this site to expand my flying pleasure in FE and just want to say a huge thanks and grats to those of you who take the time to generate such wonderfully detailed (and in many cases well researched) add-ons. I won't list names as it would be unfair if I miss anyone out - but I guess you know who you are! Thanks Alan As most of my additions are fighters, I would be appreciative if anyone could point me in the direction of a Gotha bomber - I fancy something a little slower flying :)
  10. Thanks for the info Heck. I'll drop him a line. Alan

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