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  1. Thanks for the response. I guess some other sims 'cheat' with an audible 'thunk' to make up for the lack of tactile sensation. I definitely have felt the asymmetry when dropping (e.g.) a Mk.84 from one side while the other was still on the rack.
  2. Posted this over at the SIMHQ Third Wire forum, but no responses: Question 1: I just got around to installing the Falklands 1982 mod to my long neglected SF:P1. Looks and works great! I have a question about the Altitude Indicator on the Sea Harrier. Looks like a clock face circle with a line that goes around with a digital altitude indicator inside the circle. I cannot figure out what the analog indicator (the line going around) is useful for!! Not sure how to translate the position of the line into an altitude figure as it seems to go round and round. Haven't flown the aircraft all that much, so maybe I am missing something. Tried Googling all over the place for an FRS.1 HUD for explanation. There was a pretty nice series of pix in the SIMHQ Jet Thunder Forum but I didn't see this particular display. Thanks in advance, and a long delayed BRAVO ZULU to Kesselbrut for this great mod!! Question 2: Generally in the series (SF:P1 stock, Falklands and other mods, WOE stock + WOE Nato Fighters) there seems to be very little feedback when ordnance is released either by a sound (CLUNK!) or appreciable change in the feel of the aircraft. It's sometimes hard to know if bombs have really come off the racks other than by switching to an outside or weapon camera view, or, if all of a certain type of ordnance is dropped, noting that it is no longer available when cycling through weapons. Any mods that give a little more awareness when bombs come off the racks? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Yes, I read your tutorial. An excellent introduction to Le Missionneur! It didn't seem to say anything specific about the planning map placement and formatting. I even tried copying over the Planningmap1.bmp --> Planningmap3.bmp from the Israel 2 folder into the Mideast folder, but this didn't work either. Can you give me some more detail on placement and formatting, other than having them in the proper terrain folder and named Planningmap1.bmp Planningmap2.bmp etc.. I did set the option to point to the correct installation and Mideast shows up in the dropdown box. Thanks for your response.
  4. OK.. I will talk to myself some more. Installed David Slaven's Mideast Wars...and guess what? Same problem with Le Missioneur not recognizing the terrain, but, again it is recognized and playable in the game itself. This time the re-initialize location failed as well. I even tried restoring a plain patched install and installing ONLY the Mideast terrain but this didn't work either. Any ideas as to the cause of this? It seems that KMD recognizes it OK but I have to select specifically the PlanningMap3.BMP Recluse
  5. Never mind I fixed it! Had to just re-initialize the INSTALLATION path within Le Missioneur, then it picked up the new terrains. Recluse
  6. Hi, I downloaded and updated Le Missioneur 2006 and it works fine for the default terrrain. I installed the Gepard's Israel 2 Terrain (with 2.1 update) and the BombingRange terrain. Both terrains are recognized in the game and I can fly missions on them. Le Missioneur shows them in the dropdown box, but then give an error saying they are not found or improperly installed. Is there an additional configuration step I have missed?? Thanks! Recluse
  7. Posted on SIMHQ, but I thought I would post here as well to better the chances of an answer: I found Version 8 of the Mr. Jelly's File manager and went to install it. I couldn't follow the directions in the readme, possibly because things changed in the latest SF:P1 and Weapons Pack (or I shouldn't have been messing with it after midnight ) 1)There was no entry in the desert.ini for Catfile= to change the pointer to the Desert.cat. Should I add this line or is there a different syntax now. 2)I didn't find the folders specified after installation of the Weapons Pack for configuration in File Manager instructions. Is there a newer version or can someone give me updated instructions? Also going to try the Generic Mods Manager that I found referenced in the MiddleEastCampaign Pack instructions. Trying to make my install as versatile as I can, but, luckily I backed up a patched base install on CD for undoing any meddling I do Thanks! Recluse

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