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  1. Before i go out and buy Il-2 1946 i want to know if it is better than forgotten battle ?I have way to many flight sim`s pacific fighters, IL-2,CFS1&2 lock on (it rocks) Falcan 4.0 af and now forgotten battle.Does IL-2 1946 look better than forgotten battle and play better?Somebody give me the low down... Forgotten battle for me was a waste of time ,outdated been there done that.
  2. What is the latest IL-2 game?I just bought IL-2 Forgotten battle because i was told it was the newest one.This thing is old outdated and doesnt look any differance than the first game.I feel like i just threw $19.95 in the trash.
  3. When i try to connect on UBI .com i get this massage. (The game service cannot detect if your game`s version is compatible with the host.Your game`s version will probably not work with the host.Do you want to enter anyway.)I have Flaming Cliff 1.12B installed.What version do most people play?

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