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  1. Hi Ultramax! Whats wrong with the fuel gauges? Dont they count down? I think mine does, but i will check this asap! ;-) Greets, Kurdes
  2. Ok, i've done the same for the Mirage Factorys F16's! Its really simple once done! ;-) Open the cockpit.lod with notepad and at the end of the file are some names of .bmp's and .tga's readable. Simply write them down and check which of them are already in the cockpit folder or in the cat-files. Those that are not there must be downloaded or extracted from other cat-files from WoE or WoE etc. I've found a older cockpitmod where the most are included: called "f-4e_cockpit_v1" dowloadable from here! I've added the F16-Fix to my first post. Greetings, Kurdes
  3. Yes, its obscure but correct! :-) I think the Modders used Parts of other planes textures...
  4. I finaly found a solution for the appearing white parts in Cockpits of the Fa18's when modding them into StrikeFighters 2! The cause of this are missing/wrong named textures in the SF2 Install. By inspecting the cockpit.lod i wrote down all textures and tga's that are needed an searched them in the cat-files. Some where simply false named and others simply not included! The similar problem is with the F16's and maybe other Planes too when integrating them in SF2. I've uploaded the missing textures for the F18A (column5) and FA18E V1.5 , put them in your cockpit folder and the white parts are gone! Happy flying! (perhaps it will work for the FA18G also, but that is untested!) Greets, Kurdes Ps: excuse my bad english writing ;-) Update: Fix for Mirage Factorys F16's! FA18Fix.rar F16Fix.rar
  5. Hello! Im searching for a long time for a howto of altering the Flightmodels of IL2 1946. Till now after a lot of searching the net, translating russian pages and so on i was not been able to find anything about that! I messed around with the sfs-file extractor and classresolver and so on, but no where i found a trace to the FM´s. Yesterday i translated a russian Page that gave me a link to a rar-file with all the FM´s. I attach this file to this thread. But my next problem is how do i make the Programm to use my altered FM? I tried every possible filestructure in the mods folder but no luck! Is anybody willing to help me? To this i must say that im a true offline gamer and will never try to use this online, im 35 years old and online gaming was never satisfying me. I think im to old for this ;-) Im hope somebody is able to help me in this task...please Many thanks in advance, Kurdes FlightModels.rar

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