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  1. MODERN Table of Organization for ROK army?

    Yeah. Weird though that Microprose never thought about it from the beginning. The important thing is like you say that we have something to throw our A-G weapons at!
  2. I was looking through indivdual units in the refence and the units in the theater map. And the ToO for South Korean army units is not correct. Sure, I can live with a couple of types of units overlooked and simplified here and there but since Falcon makes a big deal about the "dynamic, realistic campaigns" I thought I´d bring this up, because I couldn´t find any prevous thread about the matter. The question: Why is the Type-88 K1 MBT omitted from the game? And why are the armored battalions they belong to not there? The K1 tank is a modern very capable vechicle and when it was put into service in the late 80s- ealy 90s it must have changed the tactical doctrine of the ROK army. From what I understand they often organize the K1 equiped units in armor battalions directly under the Corps HQ as a sort of emergency unit to fill holes in the defensive lines and to counterattack. K1´s main deployment area is the western part of the DMZ under the 3d Corps. The Koreans understandibly wants their most powerful tank in the most critical areas. In the 2005 and 2010 scenarios the K1A1 with the 120 mm gun and various improvements should be there. I don´t understand why the K1 has been overlooked since it´s an important piece of equipment. 1: The developers didn´t know the tank excisted? Well, they were able to find data about the korean version of the M48 and the various AFV´s of ROK. I looked through a pretty average book about AFV´s from the late 80´s and the K1 was mentioned with data and pictures and also the by that time planned K1A1 version. 2: Implementing the K1-units would ruin the dynamics of the campaign? Doubt ROK units would roll into Pyongyang within hours after a North Korean attack just because of adding K1 batalions, they will be busy fighting defensive battles for days. I think making the ToO for ROK more realistic wouldn´t ruin the mechanics of the campaign. 3: Too hard to find accurate data on the real thing? Don´t think so. A lot of the components in the K1 are off the self and the licensed parts are versions of ones used in the M1 and other tanks. And if you want to talk about data that is hard to find just look at North Korean equipment. The old crap they use can be found in museums and you can climb all over some old T62 if you want to but their own modified stuff and some of the modern chinese reinforcements they recive during the game is more of an estimation of their capabilites. I´d say the original K1 is roughtly equivalent to the original 105mm M1 and the K1A1 is a slightly less capable M1A1. It has a MTU diesel engine instead of the Abrams gas turbine so it has less horsepower but better crusing range (not the most important of things when you have to scoot and shoot). And it also lacks some of the M1A1 Abrams and Leopard protection. I´m aware the ground equipment in Falcon rough, simplyfied and not detailed anyway (targets for us flyers) but it´s strange to see it´s missing when they covered all the other AFV`s and ToO of ROK pretty good. Is there any MOD with the K1 and it´s deployed like in the ROK? The M48s are attached to the the ordinary mech units, this is correct in Falcon. (They are also deployed in rear area and reserve units). And the T-80 should also be used by South korea in the 2010 scenarios (Russia payed a debt to South Korea with them). Some facts about K1 88 Tank. Or Wiki: K1 Wiki. ROK ToO: Table of Organization.

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