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  1. Hello i'm having the same problem at the beginning of the mission i find myself in a cloud of dust and the plane is in the water but only in campaign missions. Perhaps You met this problem before me... Cippao
  2. Hello everybody same problem for me I start the campaign with USN and my carrier explodes at the beginning, I have the same problem even with suex crisis campaign but not with single carrier-based missions. Maybe in campaigns water is harder??? I don't know the answer... Cippao
  3. Hi Ultramax thank for your answer I already tried what you say but nothing changes, the game runs perfectly even with the highest graphic settings the problem is when i end the mission... and the problem is present only by the time i installed direct 9.0c nov 2007, i even tried to install 3dwire service packs with the only result that the game does'nt start for a problem with directdraw.dll! I installed the game by 0 for at least 5 times but result is always the same, i don't know what to tkink... anyway thanks the same for your help
  4. Hello everybody i have a problem encountered after directx 9.0c installation. I have Strike Fighters Gold and everything was fine until i had the bad idea to install directx 9.0c nov-2007 on my pc. The game is fine, it works well until i press the "esc" or "alt+q" or "shift+esc" keys to end the mission. At this moment the game quits without any message. Inside the game everything is fine, no graphics-audio or other problems, but in this way debriefing it's impossible so no campaign is playable. Please can you help me finding the solution? I was really enjoying the game with all the add-on aircrafts that i never found in other flight sims!!! Sorry for my english, i really don't understand what happened! My graphic board is ati mobility radeon x700 with 128 mb ram thanks in advance Cippao

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