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  1. Hi all, I've had lomac for a year (+-), but only now I've started to really play it...in the begining I had fps prblms alo didn't have the pacience to learn all the avionics and so forth...but now Id ecided to give it another go... so: I decided to start flying the su25 wich is basicaly an "analog fighter" wich makes it easier to use than the all digital ones...and it's nice to start learning all the basic keys and how the sistems work... also: after reading the tweaking stuff and all that I have my lomac running with good fps even with basic shadows...so I'm happy, but when the weather is overcasted above the clouds I loose a lot of fps...I intalled the low overcast version3 but still I loose fps...can anyone help me reducing the cloud impact? also I d/l the mod to make the su39 flyable but how do I select it?? and is there any way that I can substitute the su25 by the su39 in the su25 campaign? oh, my system is: PIV2,4ghz ; 1024 DDR400 ram ; Fx5600 256mb ; soundblaster audigy platinium Ex ; hmmm basicaly that's it :)

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