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  1. SSW D.III and D.IV

    Olham - I have that picture. Seems to be the best that I can find. Stick - I have the Windsock file for the Zeppelin too. Don't have the Kildoff book.
  2. SSW D.III and D.IV

    This has been a great project so far. The pit will be detailed as much as I can from the limited resources that are available. The shrouds on the guns were quite the labor of love. This is our first WW1 bird as Bravo and I have made a fair share of WW2 stuff for CFS3. I am also making a Zepplin Staaken (sic) plus a few other WW1 planes. Never understood why the limited number of float planes in OFF......
  3. The results of a couple of days

    Thanks. I have that book and I appreciate the screen shots.
  4. The results of a couple of days

    Looks, good, hope mine will be as nice. Is that one for OFF? Hey, do you have some detailed cockpit photos or drawings?
  5. Needed Planes

    I was thinking about the Siemens.
  6. Hello - New around here, but I have made many a plane for CFS3 and would like to know if there are any planes that are needed for OFF and to whom can I speak?
  7. shader.xml

    Stary, Thanks for the lead. I'll check to see if anyone still has that on their computers. I do remember though that a shaders file was released as a stand alone modification that was designed specifically for the night skies, just may have to start up the two older machines in the attic tosee if it is there if no one can find it or help me understand the shaders file. It is great to be here!
  8. Hello, I fly mostly CFS3 and have been fairly busy making planes for the sim. Several years ago someone released a modified shader file that made the scenery very dark so the ground did not "glow" at night. I am making a nightwar add on and really need help trying to either find that old file, or for someone to be so kind as to help me make the ground textures at night be less reflective and dark as they should be so you can not easily silhouette against the ground or the sky for that matter. Thanks for readng this and considering my request. NP:bye:

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