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  1. Bored? Live the Force at USEC!

    In fact I believe that an aircraft developed by IRIS simulations has working ordinance with it. A very impressive achievement for them!
  2. Bored? Live the Force at USEC!

    There are a couple of addons I have seen to do this, mainly using the "flour bomb" code provided in the default FSX Missions. We've been experimenting with some of these for use with our Ships as well as the B52's. Obviously with the B52's, we found we didn't see the result at all, due to the bombers being so darn high up! We had to have a spotter down low.
  3. Bored? Live the Force at USEC!

    We do our "shooting" in Armed Assault, which has proved a fantastic combat platform for simulating our hot missions. Our heavy bomber unit was setup, and has been testing, some addons that allow you to drop bombs within FSX and has proved very promising. You'd be surprised how much fun can be had with our cold ops in FSX.
  4. Bored? Live the Force at USEC!

    As requested here are some pics of our FSX ships in action :)
  5. http://www.usecforce.com/ If you're a Flight Simulator X enthusiast, bring your gaming experience to life by starting a virtual career within the premier Virtual Military. Command a ship in FSX, or conduct a much needed logistics mission in a C17 - the possibilities are endless. Currently we are actively recruiting for the following, (apply online) Air Force Group - Heavy Transport Pilots - Heavy Bomber Pilots - Helicopter Pilots Maritime Force Group - Naval Officers - Naval Specialists Key Benefits: - Staffed by experienced Military Professionals - Persistent Aircraft, book out individual aircraft for your missions - Outstanding, award winning, and unrivaled website system - Signup for mission taskings online - Earn medals and ribbons for your activities - Multiplayer training and operational missions conducted regulary - Diverse range of roles, allowing you to follow a complete military career from Private to General! - Exclusive custom addons for FSX and ArmA

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