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  1. Hi, I'm wondering about the mouse in the cockpit . Is the cockpit panel clickable with the mouse and if so how do you get the mouse to become active? Also does anyone else crash to the desktop with mission editer error? is their a fix? thanks for any help Mike (n9291j)
  2. Ahhh! sorta thought that but just wasnt sure, would be nice if they atleast hinted that in the manual.. Sooo if i want to do carrier missions then I must create them like we did in Strike fighters then correct?? and thanx a bunch for replying especially on Xmas Day. n9291j
  3. Hello, Im sure this is wrong place or way to ask this but , I cannot find any carrier based missions in this sim I did a fresh install and patched it.. I have yet to see a Carrier or a mission or anything other than same ol 'same ol' Could some of you fellow simmer/Pilots help out SIM: WOV PROBLEM: NO CARRIERS OR MISSIONS INCLUDING CARRIERS

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