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  1. Help with landing, mission 9

    Never mind landing with the instruments, at this moment, I wish I could at least centre the CDI on the HSI. I usually overshoot, too short, or end up on an angle and once I straighten up I'm going elsewhere. Also, I don't have the From/To indicator in red when I fly towards the station. It is never in red, no matter which direction I am heading. One of them is in red in the manual when you fly towards the station. The HSI is a bit of a puzzle to me. And what is the red rectangle? And the dots, degrees of deflection, how do you use it? I'm scratching my head! Any help, or links to tutorials for Tacan, HSI, ILS would be great. Thanks
  2. Help with landing, mission 9

    Thanks Conehead, This tutorial is great, I can land with ease now, well...ease... I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I don't suppose you've seen a link for the Instrument landing with a great tutorial like this one?
  3. Help with landing, mission 9

    Thanks! I finally landed! I guess I should not follow the manual to slow to 160 knots and keep the FPM on level line 0 degrees. That way I will definitely fall down. The only way I can land is to get the runway to 3 degrees below the level line, only then I get the landing gear down, extend speed brakes, point at the runway and then just do my best to keep it that way.
  4. Hi All, I am new to Falcon AF. I'm having hard time to get grips with the sim. I have been trying to land (mission 9, Landing Final Approach). I load the mission, starting conditions are 200 knots, throttle mid-range (they seem to call any speed mid-range, be it 200 or 400 knots, hence I'm not sure how to adjust my throttle). If I keep the speed at 200 knots, which is around 75% RPM, lower the landing gear and try to keep the flight path marker on the level line 0 degrees, I'm below the speed of 160 knots in no time. My other option is to get the speed below 300 knots, then lower the landing gear. This starts slowing the jet itself. Following the instructions and start slowing the jet to 160 knots by setting RPM to about 75% and keeping the flight path marker on the level line 0 degrees, slows me down very quickly and again I am below 160 knots in no time. Never mind extending the speed brakes which I should be doing next! My only option now is to rev the engine as much as I can not to fall. I'm sure that this is not how to do it! Any comments what I'm doing wrong, what I should be doing instead would be great. Or possibly direct me to some page with 'fool-proof' instructions how to land/successfully finish mission 9. Many thanks for your help guys.

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