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  1. I wanted to ask if there is a addon that includes new planes. I especially like the Dolphin, the Fokker D II, and the Albatros CX. Released in the future? perhaps with some modifications to the AI in combat even if they have one against ten, not ever run away, but they are all massacred without even groped to run away. regards
  2. Jedi Master,thanks, this is an answer. Sin,ok not talk about this subject. thank you
  3. Spinners, the fact is that since I like to play SFP1, I would have liked to play at a level more interesting, all. ah, and "thank you and goodbye "
  4. Yes, I knew I wanted to say if there was a mod in which it was possible to control the entire management of the campaign: able to have all departments and aircraft can create missions from scratch, including, for example the time of takeoff create waipoints, or the type of target, and accordingly, decide the equipment of each plane, and so on. For me, the reference point is falcon4, if anyone knows the system of missions or campaigns Falcon4, know what I mean. The fact to determine that computer, for me it is terribly boring. Regards
  5. exists for SFP1 or WOE a mod where there's a dynamic campaign? would be nice to play a dynamic campaign, the type of Falcon4, for example. In my opinion, play single missions created automatically by the computer, they are boring. would be nice to play the missions, missions, or create, in a dynamic scenario. maybe there was ... regards
  6. the fighting ends with the removal of all aircraft. I explain better: if a formation of fighter, meets another fighter formation, the battle will end only if all the hunting will be killed. Where many are killed by fighter, and it remains one against five, that will to fight rather than flee. should, in my opinion, this change, namely to ensure that formation is in clear numerical inferiority, have the opportunity to escape rather than be cut down one after the other. I apologize if my English is not perfect, I hope you understand my point. regards
  7. Only a doubt

    and the bombers? you know if there will be added?
  8. Only a doubt I was wondering why the aircraft controlled by 'AI is not able to land when they arrived at the base. And I can not understand, as always able to make the center with bombs or rockets. when attacking a target, whatever it is, always manage to center, the error rate on the target was quite high. And one last thing: to be added to the heavy bombers? it is really a great game one of the most fun regards
  9. Hello I just wanted to ask if it was possible for the campaign, creating missions. To be more precise, I was wondering if it was possible to determine the type of mission, and include all the various waipoint of the mission. compliments, because it is absolutely the best and fun simulator. hello

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