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  1. C'mon give me a break would ya? ;) I said I am new at this... I know how to use the control manager to a degree, mapping buttons and swtiches, but where does a .cmc file come in this picture? I added the FIGHTERSTICK map and by following Caesar's instructions I went into the WoI options and changed everything by hand. I'd love some more in depth explanations for next time, the TP maybe... for now it works fine as it is... remembering it is something else ;) but with time I will. Can anyone recommend the best weapons to arm my F-16 in a "single mission" session? You know... what kind of weapons to use in air to air mission and how to arrange them on my jet. And last but not least how to fire them without MISSING. Locking properly and other things that do not appear in the .pdf clearly enogh. Thanks everyone for the support, Ori. A happy new fighter pilot, ISRAEL is my home after all... :)
  2. hI, i do not understand, this file as .cmc will create a FIGHTERSTICK BUTTON map? The default is already is in the game isn't it? I need an accurate F-16 map that I can copy into the stick itself. Cheers, Ori.
  3. WOW! You really know your stuff, don't you? That was helping me alot! I saw the diagrams and explanations on 2 sites but never really got the hang of it. Your description made sense and helped me with WoI specifically in a way that I understood it better than ever. Many thanks again. Ori.
  4. can anyone give me an explanation about the WHOLE button/switch map PLEASE? Ori.
  5. Thank you very much for the translations :) as for the "mapping it as I please" policy, I rather find or map myself the "real thing" as it is in the real F-16 (exept the POV hat of course...) and WITHOUT the "pro throttle" which I do not have YET... :) Thanks again, Ori.
  6. Hello all, I am new to the "third wire" simulations and to the fighter type sims. I got the "CH Fighterstick USB" especially for it and trying to map the stick to match the sim's functions. Please, can ANYONE give me a map to use in the simulator? I've tried all combinations in google (F-16 stick, Fighterstick etc...) for the right assignment for every button but I do not understand the terminology yet (word shortcuts) that they show on every real life "sidestick" sites. Does the simulator have all those real life assignments? I've seen pictures that explain what each button does for example: what is SAM? ... Air Missle or RWS, ACM (A2G means Air to Ground, TWS is Target Weapon System, right?). Please translate the whole map, Ori, a novice. :) this is just an example from http://www.xflight.de/ : Target Management Fwd: The TMS is a four-position, spring-loaded to center switch which controls target designation and data for the radar, electro-optical weapons, and various navigation/attack modes: RWS: Command SAM TWS: Designate Target ACM: Boresight Scan A2G: Designate Target Aft: RWS: STT -> SAM -> Search TWS: SST -> Search -> RWS ACM: 10 x 60 Scan A2G: Designate Target Left: RCR (N/I) Right: RWS: Command TWS TWS: Step Bug ACM: 30 x 20 Scan

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