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  1. Saitek x52 useless in LOMAC?

    Yeah I know that stuff already, but even when I make a profile and use it it still doesnt work in LOMAC. I even deleted the settings that were listed for the joystick inside LOMAC. Still... The nightmare continues.
  2. Saitek x52 useless in LOMAC?

    I sure do, As I said, the throttle and joystick worked great in Falcon 4.0 without specific button configuration. I also went on saitek's site and downloaded the LOMAC profile but I don't know where to put it. Or how to make it work. Nooooob! Ha.
  3. That is what it seems at this point. The throttle and joystick work great in Falcon AF but no dice in LOMAC. Everytime I go to the input section in options, it switches the input back to keyboard. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Cause I really been waiting to get into this game.

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