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  1. Unicorn in hebrew is "Had Keren". doesn't sound too catchy for the Israely ear, I must admit...
  2. finished the "6th day war" campaign in WOI and started the "Yom Kippur" campaign. I am flying the Skyhawk A-4. I am being shot down by SAM's in just about any mission. what is the best method to avoid them ? flying extremely low or very high ? keep manouvering the entire flight ? don't have any ECM or Chaffs. am I missing something here ? BTW, how do you turn on the afterburner on this plane. 100% throttle won't turn it on. thanks, Oded.
  3. This thread solved all my life's problems :yes: thanks a lot. I also added the "check 6" view as suggested by "csb" and it works fantastic. very helpful forum. Oded.
  4. on my third mission in WOI's first campaign (6th day war) I was sent on a "fighter sweep" mission. By the time I got to the contact waypoint I already received a "mission accomplished" messege over the radio. How can it be ? not a single rocket was fired... few more questions - what is the effective range of the cannons during air to air combat ? - what are Matra R.530 used for ? - is it crucial to deploy the external fuel tank before any bomb run/rocket-targeting/air-to-air combat ? - is there a difference between ending a mission right after its goal is accomplished (pressing the esc button), or landing back at home base ? - what's your best method (button used) to check your six ? Thanks, Oded.
  5. thanks so much ! I've prepared a tactic based on a mix of the good suggestions here (high speed, correct angle, rockets falling short of target) and on my first Go, I nailed that AAA which made "swiss cheese" out of my Mirage so many times. of course, I got greedy and tried few more passes with surprisingly good results. mission accomplished ! now I am on to my next mission and of course, have few more questions (see seperate thread). Oded.
  6. on my first campaign in WOI. the mission is to destroy the AAA in a syrian airbase. never played these sims before and since there are no tutorials, what's the recommended tactic for using rockets on ground targets ? what speed & altitude should I strike the target at ? how do I use the gunsight (Mirage) ? what is the recommended get-away path ? any info' will be helpful. Thanks, Oded.
  7. Well I intalled WOI on the laptop and can play it with good results on Low settings (about 30 FPS), medium settings make the game stutter (10-17 FPS). just for comparison, on my desktop computer - Intel core 2 duo 2.0 GHz, 2 GB ram & Geforce 8500GT (512 MB), the sim runs smoothly on medium settings (about 50 FPS), but stutter on high settings (12-20 FPS). actually low settings is very playable. truth is I can hardly tell a difference from higher settings. Oded.
  8. In what events will a Joystick vibrate when playing WOI (fired upon, stalling, high speeds....) ? Thanks.
  9. can not fing any info regarsing Wings of war WW1 flight sim/game. What do you thing about it & how does it compare to First Eagles ? link to Wings of War - http://www.gamespot.com/pc/sim/wingsofwar/index.html
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome ! This forum is extremely helpful. Oded.
  11. Having a lot of fun with the sim, but have few questions: 1. Is there a single key for a rear view (check my 6) ? the F5 key shows the plane's rear and than I have to move the camera which takes valuable time in combat. 2. Where can I see my ammo status (number of missiles left and so on...) & fuel status ? 3. Why do I need waypoints and can't just fly ahead to the target ? 4. Is there a way to ask my wingman to get closer to me, or do I have to find him wherever he is in the sky ? Thanks, Oded.
  12. Thanks for the info' I followed your advice and got both sims. I admit I play WOI more for now, I guess it's a combination of a more friendly gameplay + me being an Israely...
  13. I've been having lots of fun with WOI and would like to install a sim on my laptop as well. laptop's specifications : Intel dual core 2 duo 1.66 Ghz 1 GB RAM video card - Intel 950 (integrated card). looking for a sim that will run smoothly with a good gameplay (one of the thirdwire series would be great). what do you guys think ? BTW, tried running "Lock on" on it and it was way out of its league... Thanks, Oded.
  14. I am a relative newbie in combat sims and just bought a decent machine that can easily run these games. what are the main differences between the two sims (Lock on vs. WOI) ? which one have a better gameplay ? Thanks, Oded. BTW, I am from Israel. does it suppose to matter ? (-:

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