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  1. Hi all Anyone out there that can give me some assistance on the landing parameters/ settings for a La-11 that is available in the Korean Air War add-on campaign for SFP1. Currently it lands on the "autopilot" setting at a 45 degree angle with the tail wheel first, skidding for about 10 meters, before the front wheels hit the ground, or is this normal. Thanks Regards Gert
  2. Hi all Anyone out their that can assist me, or give direction to a tutorial, to add Russian medals to a campaign in Strike Fighters Gold. Regards Gert
  3. Hi all Does someone have the parametres for placing "kill" markings on the left side (below the cockpit) of a Yak-9U fighter. Much appreciated. Gert
  4. Thanks Tailspin and Kevin, I got it set up with the Yak-3 cockpit. Regards Gert
  5. Hi all Anyone out there that can assist me to use a La-11 cockpit on a Yak-9U fighter in Strike Fighter Gold. I tried copying it to the Yak folder but it does not work. Regards Gert
  6. Hi all Anyone out there that can give me that correct parameters to place a pilot in the cocpit of a MiG-21 MF. Currently I have him at the back of the seat that he is suppose to sit on. Any assistance will be much appreciated. Regards Gert
  7. Hi all Can somebody assist me in changing: a) the namelist to show pilot names for a specific nation. Say, for example, you want to create a Chinese campaign and you want Chinese guys to fly it. b) how to change the roundel on the aircraft for a specific nation. c) how to lengthen a campaign, lets say to fly a campaign period of 2 missions every day for a period from 1 July 1965 to 31 December 1968. Thanks in advance. Gert
  8. Hi all Is there a way that you can create a MiG-17/ 19/ 21 campaign for WOV ? Gert

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