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  1. That did the trick, found I missed one folder in the file structer. Thank you. Not to add to much fire but is anyone playing First Eagles online and if yes how do you find a game? Or do I need to get the Expansion Pack? Thanks, CoffeeDave
  2. Excellent, thank you. The files that I extracted were the FLIGHTENGINE.ini and the WWIVERDUN_DATA.INI to make the changes for Vista. They were placed in the folders where the file was extracted from. I'll recheck everything and give it try, Thanks, CoffeeDave
  3. Hi, am new to this and trying to get things running in Vista. I followed the instructions posted in the knowledge base (I am trying to run FE) and extracted the .ini files with Jells extrator butt , Where do I put the .ini files? I put them in the folder where the cat file was/is. If I am supposed to put the .ini back into the cat file, how do I do that? Or am I supposed to extract the whole thing and modify the .ini and get rid of the cat file. Thanks in advance for any help CoffeeDave

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