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  1. Yeah and i don't know how i didn't find it/them before!!! Alright guys!!! I really appreciate your answers and your diligence . One last question before i make a mistake WoE Cold War: Soviet Invasion is the same that WoE Cold War: Gone Hot? Maybe differents publishers? Well guys, again, Thank you very much. And we'll see a lot in the forum.
  2. Ok guys and is there any possibility to add older campaigns from SFP1 or WoV (if i choose WoE) for example? Sorry guys for my questions, i'm like an old uncle.
  3. Hi guys!! I'm very excited because i think i found the combat simulator that i needed!! Yes after that much time!! But not everything are roses! In Argentina (my location), i don't get SFP1 any more and the only one i could get is WoEurope. I know the games are from the same developer but what i don't know is if WoE/WoV/WoI are SFP1 add ons or they're separate games. And if they are: which one i should choose? Well thanks guys in advance

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