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  1. WTH????????!!! Nooooooooooo!!!XD Thanks for your answer!
  2. Hello everybody, I'm Jocker. Firstly, be patient please with my basic english, I'm spanish and I need too much partice on this language. And the second thing: Nice to meet you and nice to meet your Combat Ace Page, it's amazing! So, I'm very interesing on Strike Fighters, the Thirdwhire simulators. One of the thing of why I considerate Strike Fighters a very useful and easy simulator is its the opened code for its users in the world. But, what do I think it's something wich nobody want to know...for now XD. The question is the next: If anybody flies online (by hamachi or another kind of ways like Game Ranger), what is the version that ussualy the people fly?The SF1 or SF2? Yes Sir! You don't need to tellme that anothers sims exist like Lock On or Il2 1946 (I'm a great fanatic of the russian sim, I flew a pair of ocations on SEOW's), but I need to know if SP is an active sim in this community. Thanks to you, users and rest of Fernando Gómez (Jocker)
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    Gracias Macelena por responder. Me refiero a los foros de Strike Fighters I y II. Ya que me aparece como inaccesible la opción "Add new topic" en el foro. Gracias de nuevo!
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    Hello!!! I'm Jocker, I'm from Spain, a common user of this great page (me, not Spain xD). Long time ago I posted a pair of skins for Strike Fighters 1. And my question is the next: With whom I must contact to start posting in the different subforums? Thanks very much! Jocker:salute:

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