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  1. Hi everyone I have been reading heaps about some of these mods for this game and Now I am a newbie but where and how do you land on the aircraft carrier?? Cheers
  2. Hi and thanks but I will go to the addy you have given me and No I can not get a copy of that over here yet I am hoping to get a copy of it ...... It looks great Cheers Danny
  3. Hi everyone Just letting you all know that you have another new guy here I am from Perth Western Australia looking to make new friends and hoping to learn lots from you all I have only been Flying (sim Wise) now for 3 weeks I am using a Logitech extreme 3D Pro I am having a hard time trying to remember all the keys when in combat so I am dieing lots but hey this is a game and I love it lots. is there a free flight where you can learn the basic flight stuff and some flight manouvers like landing and taking off with out being fired on? Cheers The Sargent
  4. Video help please

    Thanks mate that was great now I know what they are talking about
  5. Hello everyone I am a Aussie and I am very new to this but looking to join a Squadron but some one who can teach me as well. The Game I have is Lock on mac and I am only flying a A10 atm Cheers The Sargent
  6. G'Day I am from Australia and yes I am a newbie to this flight sim stuff I am having some problems when the training missions come up the mouse pointer is not pointing at the thing it is surpose to be it is always on the flight yoke! very frustrating when you are trying to learn and you are not a pilots backside! my graphics card is a Nvidia Ge Force fx 5600 128meg and my pc is a pentium 4 2.4ghz with 1.50gig of ram and windows xp home 2002 with service pack 2 can anyone help me out please I have also updated my version of the game from 1.00 to 2.00 Thanks the Sargent

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