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  1. Any one have a nice x-52 profile all set up for Falcon:Allied Force? Thanx!
  2. Thanx guys. I'm all patched up to .13 now, lead pursuit actually emailed the patch file directly to me in response to my query several weeks ago, kudos to them! Now all I have to do is learn how to fly an f-16 and I'll be all set!
  3. Saitek X-52 HOTAS Config

    Please send it to szore2006@gmail.com THANX!
  4. OK, Guys, Again, even though I patched the D2D version to .12, I downloaded the .13 patch but when I extract it, it's just some game folders, the update utility and some readme files. There is no 'patch'executable', and if i run the updater it does not work, and if I copy and paste the game folders, including the Falcon 4 executable, into the installed game folder and run it it does not work. How to patch the D2D version to .13? lead pursuit have not gotten back to me, any ideas? Thanx.
  5. Saitek X-52 HOTAS Config

    Hello All, I'm just about to start the tutorials for Falcon and start playing and I want to program my flightstick, 2 questions; I went into the setup for Falcon, I chose a function, like lock next target, and it says that is already programmed to button 4, or whatever it was do I want to change it. So if the joystick buttons are allready programmed by default, where is this documented so I can see what is programmed and what is not. Suppose I want to use the SST programing software that came with the stick, do I need to unbind all the stick buttons first? If so how? this seems confusing and I'm rather shocked that the whole process of programming the stick is not easier to understand (like LOMAC) Any advise?
  6. Hello All, I went to the IGN's Direct2Drive support page and it turns out that they themselves provide patches for all pre-patched downloaded games. I want to thank you all for you're help! "Are you ready to rock! Are you ready to roll! OK, lets do it!"
  7. There is no built in updater. I hope the version I have is not 'frozen' because I downloaded it for 29.99 when I could have bought the disk for 19.99 at best buy...
  8. yes and the silence is deafening
  9. C'mon I'm dying here, any suggestions?
  10. Hi, thanx for the reply: The "digital version" is the one I bought from www.Direct2drive.com there is no cd you download it, but the version I downloaded was already patched to ***.11 or whatever, there have been 2 patches since then. so I downloaded the 2 new patches and when I run the first one it says something like "previous patch file blah blah not found" I did not run the patch from my desktop, but from my D: drive, then from the application directory in the leadpursuit foldr, but niether worked. I emailed lead pursuit but they have not answered yet. I'll try it from the desktop tonight after work. The Crunge
  11. I downloaded the digital version of Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (its the version that ends in .11) but when I try to patch it to the next version I get a 'file not found' error. I think its looking for a file that would be there if you patched from the previous version, but since I downloaded the .11 version 'as is', and it was never previously patched, that file is not there. HELP, Any ideas on how to patch to the latest version?

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