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  1. Hi guys! Marcelo asked me to inform SFP1 community about the new skins incoming! There are many Sabres, Mustangs, B-52, SU-15 and SU-17. Check it out! http://www.marcfighters.hpg.ig.com.br/screens4.htm
  2. Hi guys unfortunately we have many great planes to be released at SFP1, but no FM..... This beauty is flyng with A-4 FM, but those guys are working on a real AMX flight model. It will have 3D cockpit and all goodies it deserve :D Ho ya! The Legacy This one is the "military Legacy", the EMB 145 AEW&C Or this configuration, the EMB 145 RS/AGS Beatyfull hum Embraer has many great planes. Another is the ALX Super Tucano, used by many air forces all around the world, including RAF (Turboprop multi-purpose solution) I like this one More at www.embraer.com (in english)
  3. I bet most of you dont know this plane. It's an Italo-Brasilian multy role fighter. Model by Rafa, textures by Marcfighter, FM details by Adelfi, AMX pilot in Brazilian Air Force. The italian were used at Kosovo, his fire baptism, and did a good job. ;) Jambock__01 www.gavca.com SENTA A PUA!
  4. S! Phab...looks like you got some specials here :D About downloads from Marcfighters, never use download accelerators or those kind of programas. Every time i tryed, i got corrupt file. Download wiith windows. I know, its lazy.....but works. BTW, i got the same problem downloading from here. Ha man, cant whait for the Thud, but he need the official release by the modeler to give us the skins. Unfortunately i dont know when.....
  5. My friend Marcelo aka Marcfighters ;) Migs A-4 (Those A-4 from Kwait Air Force used in Gulf War (A-4K) are in service with the Brazilian Navy now (24). Phantoms And my special wish became true :7 Send him a profille, the kid realy rocks ! Jambock__01 www.gavca.com SENTA A PUA!
  6. Hi guys This is my first post here. Marc's site is realy lazy, even for me in Brasil, and i use cable.... The trick is to download without accelerators and thinks like that. Use the normal download. His skins are really great art works 8)

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