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  1. Ok, I'll be a little more specific this time, seeing as I've basically figured out what I need to do. I need to know where the line "AmbientSoundName=AmbientSound" goes. Does it belong in one of the files in the terrain folders? Somewhere in flight? I looked everywhere, but the fact that there is support for an ambient in the sound list lets me know that it HAS to go somewhere and work. I've got a WAV to fill in ambient sound, I just need to put the line in to activate it. Help anyone?
  2. Jug, that's what I've been doing, changing all the files for the menu's and loading screens. I've had that taken care of for a while. What I meant was finding a way to make an ambient file or something of the sort that would play during the flight itself. If I could find a way to get maybe 5-10 ambients, and randomize them for each mission, I'd like to figure out how to do something of that sort.
  3. Would anyone here know how to find a way to get in-flight music in WOV? I've poked around and found a text file that lead to an ambient WAV file. I thought I could use that, only, there is no ambient WAV. I'm still looking around at the sound files seeing if I can replace one, but I'd like if I could find a way to make a seperate file, specifically for in-game music. Anyone tried something like this before?

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