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  1. Need Help on Ramp start

    Everything is OK now. My joystick was note configured as the default peripheral to be used for Throttle. Thank you very much for the tip ;-) :yes:
  2. Need Help on Ramp start

    Ok CoolHand29, I'll be trying this. There's no problem with the RPM which is on 70%. But I'll have a look on the Joystick configuration just to see if I missed something. Strange because I've been using it these last days in other missions without any problem. I was thinking that maybe some switch I activated (in the cockpit) could have blocked the throttle Anyhow, I'll let you know once I try what you adviced me. Many thanks ;-)
  3. Need Help on Ramp start

    I need help please ! After starting my engines and doing all the main topics of ramp start, when I try to start rolling by pushing the engine button of my joystick, nothing happens...The Station Brakes are removed and though, I cannot roll...Any idea ? Many thanks and sorry for my poor English (I'm French )

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