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  1. Zurawski, please keep us informed if you are able to get the pit lights to work or appear to work.Thanks in advance for any and all effort,I think alot of people would like to have pit lights. Flying at night or in low light conditions,such as heavy clouds and rain,it's very hard for an old knuckle dragger like me to see the gauges without being zoomed in.
  2. Thanks Guys it's a shame that they either have no way to turn on or they are just not hardcoded into the sim. The F-4 was an awesome bird at night in the pit all the lights and buzzers the roar of the engines. I think every crewcheif for a bit anyhow became the greatest ace that never took off. Thank You for the ini info I now am a little closer I have landing lights cool.
  3. Hello All, was just wondering if there is a way to backlight the gauges in the Stock F4's in WOV. Any of you that mod is it possible? Speaking as an old F-4 crewcheif 474TFW the cockpit of the phantom at night was an awesome sight during runups after maintence, to set in the seat and look at the gauges and lights. Seems to me it would add a great deal of immersion to flying the F-4's or any aircraft. For being considered a light sim with the mods available and all the information posted here in these forums,it sure has brought back alot of good memories for an old knuckle dragger. My hats off to all of you who post and mod and frequent these pages with all your help.
  4. Exellent reading Thanks so much for including your thoughts on the flight model. I'am an old USAF Crewcheif and I spent many a day and night on the flight line with the DCM stuck up my you know what turning wrenches on those bad ass Phantoms. Always wondered what it would be like to be in the front seat. Atleast now I can fly one with as close to real life FM's as possible.I hope you continue to post thoughts and tweaks on all the models represented in the game. Again Wagsled Thanks for your time and service then and Now.
  5. Thanks again kukulino, Does anybody know are there any other key combinations besides the listed ones to show fps,and remove the radar from the upper corner of the screen. It seems to me that i read somewhere a while back that this could be done while ingame.
  6. kukulino Thank You for all your help.I found the mod but have yet to find any info on excatly what it does or how to install it. I downloaded it and it contains a configuration setting file,but would like to know what it changes before I install it. Again I appr all your help answering my posts.I only have a couple hours each morning before work to fly and not much time to read the thru Knowledge base posts.
  7. Again with another question,been reading about Comms Mod but cannot find it within the search engine,Can anybody tell me what it does and how to find it and install.
  8. Can anyboby tell me how to change water texture after installing Brain32's tiles and CA_Starys tree mod along with Green Hell mod, all my water has turned gray.Isee the mod came with a set of shaders but canno't find the folder to put them in?
  9. The mods are awesome,couldn't believe my eyes Brain32"s trees and tiles,Green hell thanks so much changed the game completly.
  10. Thanks for the replys,looks like just what i was looking for.I started going thru the knowledge base looking at all the info may take me a bit to get up to speed. Again Thanks for all the help.
  11. Hello all, I am new to WOV,would like to add the newest weapons pack that is available,also is there a way to add chaff and flares to early model F4's.One other question are there any add on terrain updates for the stock vietnam map. I am only interested in the Vietnam era and would like to update my game to get the best possible terrain and weapons. Thanks In advance for any help recieved.

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