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  1. Manta, Make sure that when you install NF1 and NF1 into a custom path you double check it after you select the folder. The NF1 and NF2 installers automatically add "Wings over Europe" at the end of whatever you select, and you'll probably have to delete that off to get it in the right location. I'm betting that's your problem. At least it was for me.
  2. Just did some research and answered my own question. Thanks again for NF3!
  3. Thank you THANK YOU for your hard work. I wish there were a way to paypal all those involved in bringing this together. You all truly do deserve to be paid. I am having one weird problem with the F-101C. Once you reach a certain angle of attack the aircraft 'snaps' to an even greater aoa and gets stuck there unless you apply massive down elevator. It does it both clean and heavy. I've never flown the Voodoo in any TW game so I didn't know if that was an actual handling characteristic or if it's a bug.

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