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  1. well everything ended up working out, I had a clean version saved. There is still one problem, I can't get the MIRAGE to arm a MICA missile! It doesn't appear on the options, the years and the attachments are all right (I think). The Matra missiles all work right, but not the MICAs.
  2. Using WOE, does anyone know if there is a way to restore my weapons?
  3. actually now I've come to find that weaponseditor has killed my entire weapons supply and I can't play anything, really. I've heard some things about Win98 compatability mode, but I'm not really sure what to do with this. I can find that mode easy enough, but what do I do after I've converted it, is there any way to restore my weapons?
  4. I'm trying to arm up a French Mirage with MICA weapons, but when I get to the loadout screen there are zero weapons available to put on the aircraft. I have changed all the attachment values to France and export to Taiwan (which is the country that's in the game). The Mirage is set up to take French weapons, also, but no weapons are listed. Can anybody figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  5. I figured it out, it was ground objects.
  6. I have WOE and when I try to play single mission the game CTDs at 80% load. Anyone have any experience with this?
  7. Also the attachment types are USAF, USN. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. How would I set a map to go outside the usual time span included with the game?
  8. Well, it says AHM is allowed and as far as the allowed years go: when I load up my Taiwan map, nothing comes up in the year pull down. So with the blank year it lets me fly the F-16(1987), but will only let me arm it with sidewinders.
  9. I downloaded an F-16_BL30 and the loadout shows AIM-120C on the first two stations, the attachment is NATO, USAF, but on the loadout screen it does not allow me to select AIM-120Cs. Anyone have any idea what I need to do?
  10. Oh yeah, I found it there, hahaha. I just mean the combatace site. I'm still a little new so I'd never heard of the marcfighters site. It's great, what about a Su-30? I guess I could tweak a little bit to give it the ability to use AA-12 and PL-12. I don't have very developed tweaking skills though.
  11. I couldn't find the FLANKER on the combat ace sight anywhere, not under Russian fighter or aircraft of the PLAAF. Luckily the site above worked out pretty well. I can't believe someone actually made the IDF, now that's obscure! As far as the Mirage-2000, I wonder if there is anything that can be substituted and tweeked.
  12. Is anyone or has anyone making/made a FLANKER? I need some for my Taiwan Straits scenario. Also if someone could made a MIRAGE-2000 and the Indigenous Defense Fighter for Taiwan, that would be super. Haha, sounds needy, although the other two are way more obscure there has to be some FLANKER out there!
  13. I'm kinda a novice at campaign making, but I would like to work on a Taiwan Straits scenario. I have alot of weapons/theatre type knowledge and I'm just looking for people who are interested to help me make it a reality.
  14. Still no good, the terrain editor won't open the texture list and when I try to auto-texture I get the close down message. I really need some help guys, can't do too much until I get the map set up and playable. Mayday!
  15. Ok, I figured out the cat file thing, and I feel pretty dumb. But now I don't know what the TE program wants as far as textures go. What do I need to do to get it the texture list it wants?

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