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  1. A question about carrier operations in JT

    A new carrier combat simulation is coming soon..And will be based as an addon for Flight simulator X accelleration..it will be WW2 pacific based using a CVN US carrier and a Japanese carrier all outfitted with wire traps. It (Will) include combat operations including dogfights against AI targets and (YES) there will be multiplayer of the same.. The multiplayer is being worked on now. You will fly either a Hellcat or a zero model.. As side shows-There will be an actual mission of the Doolittle raid where you will fly off a carrier in a B-25 and fly formation and bomb a target-and then later have to do a bail out by parachute and fly your parachute to a safe target landing..And also a Pearl harbor mission--Plus there will be submarine missions and other side missions..I will keep you informed here about progress and where this goes..It is great and will be great
  2. Abacus WWI Dogfight out now!

    Abacus WW1 Multiplayer now available in FSX. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...t&Go=Search WW1 Tanks Multiplayer coming by weekend (July 12 or 13)..the guns for the Tank MP have been finally developed and in this free addon upload will also be a couple of small updates for the WW1 MP dogfight mission
  3. Abacus WWI Dogfight out now!

    Hi ordway,Yes you can shoot the AI enemy planes.Though it is not like stand alone games you can shoot them and they catch on fire,explode trail of smoke then disappear and counts as a hit for sucsess.There are also torpedo drop missions that must be eye sight dropped out ahead of moving enemy ships..if hit they explode and later disappear.You can also be shot down
  4. Roam an rual wilderness area in Alaska to shoot a bigfoot.Then track it and capture it and extract it by float plane. Lots of audio and music included. Go to abacuspub.com to download. You will have to fill out a form but in the end there is no charge and all info is kept private.You will then recieve an email link to download.Good luck in being able to hit and capture the SaSqUaTcH!
  5. Take to the era bygone. The wind in your face,the smell of the engine and machineguns.Fly vintage pure FSX ready aircraft and engage in actual dogfighting missions over Europe in Flight simulator X with plenty of music and text.Even fly a massive Zepellin in a bombing run.Also take part in ground tank against tank missions. Go to abacuspub.com for the package.

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