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  1. LOL It works now! Big THX !!! (still only interior fuel, it adds missing 4th tank, but now is better ;) ) I think The Game see external tanks, only gouges don't work. I suppose here is the problem (from cocpit.ini of F-105): ... Instrument[017]=TankFuelGauge1 Instrument[018]=TankFuelGauge2 Instrument[019]=TankFuelGauge3 ... and ... [TankFuelGauge1] Type=EXTERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR NodeName=needle_fuel02 ItemNumber=3 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=LB Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-104.0 Set[02].Value=3000.0 [TankFuelGauge2] Type=EXTERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR NodeName=needle_fuel03 ItemNumber=4 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=LB Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=104.0 Set[02].Value=3000.0 [TankFuelGauge3] Type=EXTERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR NodeName=needle_fuel04 ItemNumber=5 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=LB Set[01].Position=-0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=100.0 Set[02].Value=3000.0 .... And some of my screenies of "Thud":
  2. Hello all, I found disappointing bug with quantity of fuel (wrong quantity) in default F-105D "Thud" from "Wings over Vietnam" v07.05.05. You can see it on the screen below. Anyone solved this problem? thx for reply :)

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