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  1. As far as the fun factor I would still like to be able to target them. The SA in flight sims isn't has high as in real life where you have peripheral vision and all you have to do is turn your head to track something not pan a POV hat to keep a moving target in view. I loved the way Janes sims (F-15E, IAF, USAF, F-18E) would let you target incoming missiles. If you can break into it at the right time you can sometimes out maneuver them. I really like WoV but padlocking missiles would really make this sim for me.
  2. Thanks for the info. Got another question for you. Have you figured out a way in this game to target/padlock the SAM missile itself once one it is launched so you can at least try and out maneuver it?
  3. During operation Rolling Thunder there were very few Mig flights. But after the five year bombing halt and operation Linebacker 1 & 2 started there were lots of migs at first and lots of AAA, and lots SA-2's. The campagns get boring but its pretty accurate as far as history.
  4. "Welcome to Biohaz...Sorry for the trouble.I'm morking on that very problem myself..the only way I can lock a radar is make sure you're being painted at the time of launch...your RWR will be going crazy,and I turn of my ECM,if so equiped.once I launch then I turn ECM back on.sometimes this works.will let you know more as I find out." Finally got one to track. Your right about them firing at you. Left ECM on and it still guided though. I've been flying the A6-A and it doesn't have an RWR in this game. So it was alot harder to tell when they are firing at you. Did the real A-6 have an RWR then?
  5. Does anyone know the right way to get the Shrike or Standard Missiles to guide? I use the " Last radio target" buttin and point my nose at the SA-2 site fire the missile but it goes ballistic, wont track the radar. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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