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  1. Following on from my post in the mods forum. I'm looking to build an early Hunter F6 to incorporate some of the initial flaws in its design. The first two F6 batches had the F4 wing (without the dog toothed leading edges) and also did not have the blast deflectors on the canons. The blast deflectors were incorporated to counteract a pitch down movement when the canons were fired, whilst the wing leading edge extensions were added to counteract a pitch up movement during certain manoeuvres. I wonder, is there an ini file in which I can replicate the pitch down and pitch up movement. This is purely for personal use, unless someone has already had a go? Thanks,
  2. Thanks guys, I'll try armourdave and have another search of the internet. Jim
  3. Hi all, I'm not looking to push anything out as my own, I'm merely interested in doing some tweaking to a Hunter F6 as many F6 models neglect the fact that the first two batches did not have the dog toothed wing leading edges. I'm looking to get into 3d modelling, a friend has 3ds MAX, which I can have use when I'm at his place, so having something to work with as a template would be helpful. This has been something I've been looking to get into for a while and it was only when I came across the Wings Over Europe game that I though it would be a nice way to ease my way into 3d modelling. If anyone has a 3ds Hunter F6 model, or knows where I can get one free from the internet, I would be extremely interested in having the link. Thanks, Jim
  4. Bugger! Thanks for the prompt replies. So does anyone have a Hunter F6 3ds model I can play with then? Jim
  5. Does anyone know how to import LOD files into 3d Studio MAX 2008? I'm quite new to all this, all I can find are ways to create the LOD's using the 3ds Plugin from Third Wire. Thanks, Jim

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