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  1. That did it. copied smoke as smoke 2,3,4. couldn't find a working replacement. no more blocks, things look relatively normal now. i'm not sure if it's how you intended it to look, but it looks like an explosion ought to now. thanks, again.
  2. You're right- WOI doesn't have smoke 2,3,or 4. I'm going to see if some effects pack has a replacement. if not maybe i'll just copy smoke 1 and rename it as 2,3,and 4. BTW thanks for the nuke effects
  3. No luck, updated my drivers and things are still weird. Thanks for the Hornet though; it's great.
  4. Checked that. every tga file from the effects pack is where it's supposed to be. and the various .ini files have been edited as said to in the readme. but it might be something missing from the game's own tga files, since there were only so many in the mod...
  5. I'm seeing weird effects whenever i detonate a nuke. The initial blast is normal, but the resulting effects for clouds and after glow don't appear correctly, colored right, but... square. It's WOI, patched to latest, and the explosion effects are from the 1.3 Nuclear Weapons effect Mod. I've followed the readme to the letter, and effects are set to high. during blast, normal flash afterwards, all blocky. clouds are like this too. what'd i do wrong?

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