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  1. Here are a Preview of my new High Res Skin for the F-104. All signs are as Decals it is very cool. This is a good Skin to Skinning other Aircrafts, you can use all Decals only you must Edit the Decals.ini What do you Think about it??
  2. I Don't Know where the f-4 vmfa-321 and the Australian A-4B. Yesterday i have upload 4 Skins...... and Today I have upload retry this both Skins...... But without results.......
  3. Hello I have New High Res Skins uploaded on Biohazcentral. Hope you Like it :D All Skins use Decals. :P
  4. I have made a German Sabre Skin.... Hope you Like it
  5. here is my new Tower, yes there are my own models, my Antenna is a little bit diffrend.
  6. Hello I'm working Hard to create new Models and a new Targetscene. Here are the First Look....What you Thing? All Antenna or Cranes or Buildings having Lights...(Thats was the Hardest to Edit all single Light)
  7. Interest on High Res Skins ? All Decal Readable... High Res Pilot.... High Detail Cocpit.....
  8. 49TH TACTICAL FIGHTER WING Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany THUNDERCHIEFS 1961 - 1967 Download Skins/ Misc
  9. Hello, can anybody tell me how i can see the Coordinates for the position? I see this on many screenshots like this. Is this a Key command? how can i see this? top of the screenshot.
  10. Hello, Thank you it Works!!!!!! But I must Fly verry high that they shoot me......
  11. Hello I have make a Mission, but i have problems with thisone. I need Start on the Airbase fly my Mission and land on this Airbase. Why dosen't work it? And the Enemys don't shoot me? (.......) [AircraftMission001] AircraftType=A-4E Name=SHOWTIME FormationType=USFighter Size=2 RandomChance=100 -------------------(What's That?) MissionType=SEAD ObjectiveID=2 -------------------(What's That?) RatingForSuccess=90 StartOnGround=TRUE Heading=180.0 Speed=180.0 Alignment=FRIENDLY Waypoint[01].Position=447230.0,478947.0,2500.0 Waypoint[01].Size=500 Waypoint[01].Command=WAYPOINT Waypoint[02].Position=560483.0,389111.0,2500.0 Waypoint[02].Size=500 Waypoint[02].Command=ATTACK_POSITION Waypoint[03].Position=538610.0,440669.0,2500.0 Waypoint[03].Size=500 Waypoint[03].Command=WAYPOINT Waypoint[04].Position=490176.0,478557.0,2500.0 Waypoint[04].Size=500 Waypoint[04].Command=WAYPOINT Waypoint[05].Position=446840.0,479729.0,2500.0 Waypoint[05].Size=500 Waypoint[05].Command=WAYPOINT (.......) [GroundMission002] GroundObjectType=SA-2L Name=AD Btn FormationType=SovietAD Size=4 RandomChance=100 ObjectiveID=01 RatingForSuccess=50 Alignment=ENEMY Heading=250 Speed=0 Position=559702.000,268046.000,0.0 Waypoint[01].Command=DEFEND_POSITION Thank you Mitch

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