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  1. Alled Force Medals

    Thanks for the reply man and the advice. Falcon is an awesome game though isn't hope they make a falcon 5.0 or something like that you get my meaning. Stay cool.
  2. Alled Force Medals

    Hi to all would love the good old flight sim. This is my first ever post on this forum so if I do something unethical or naughty please forgive me. Question to all: I have the 1.013 patch for Falcon:Allied Force awesome game. Something I can't work out is how the game determines what award if any you get after a mission. I have too many hours up one of each medal except the ever elusive Air Force Cross. I have gotten away with some crazy attacks huge kill ratio like 30 odd ground unit 5 air units and the best award I ever got it the Silver Star. No this not to bad but still I would like to be able to contentedly stare at a Air Force Cross in my medal case. Is there anyone out there who has earned one fairly not cheating this take the luster away for me anyway. If so please let me know what ancient greek god you had to kill to earn it. Vulture

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