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  1. Thanks for the response..... In this case, all pilots are on comms and the like and any file mods could be shared by all w/o problem. One of the beauties of the series I am starting to figure out is that the game isnt a gazziliion gigs to install, so having multiple installs isn't as big of deal is it?
  2. A few noob ?'s here: I was wondering how WOV chooses the target in a strike mission, intercept, etc. in the coop mp? Can you control it in any way? Also, I'm sort of a Vietnam junkie, and I was wondering why SEAD missions were not an option in the WOV Coop MP selection. In starting to browse the cat/ini files to adjust the loadouts for coop mp I noticed it as an option in the plane data. Why can't you select a SEAD misssion type? Is that an option for the later releases WOE/WOI)? Finally, if it is there for those titles, what is the best way to install these titles for mp coop with a couple of freinds.... separate or combining them in some way? Thanks for any help you have.......

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