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  1. Thanks for all. But the problem was another... and now I have the solution. I look at the other weapons and I understand that there aren't a file: the publisher of the file forget to attach the typhoon tank.ini with the typhoon tank.lod and the typhoon tank.bmp I create this file ini like the fuel tank of the F-16 and now it work. I made it copy/paste this: [LOD001] Filename=Typhoon tank.LOD Distance=200 [shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=2000 MaxVisibleDistance=100 distance is the only unknow value... what is the right?
  2. Yes, I'm using Vista and i think that the problem is this. Also because the Mirage factory's weapon pack for WOI work perfectly... But in the weapon editor there aren't the weapons of this pack (AIM-120C for example) and there is the thypoon tank... I also added the code directly in the weapondata.ini... but nothing. Don't forget more time, like my friend explicate a day after a crash, Vista is a "virus" ... :)
  3. s**t, It don't work... For resume: 1) I added with the lastest weapon editor the thyphoon tank and saved the weapondata.ini 2) I copy/paste in Objects/Weapons directory the file.LOD of the tank and his bitmap file. Where is the error? Thank you for the big patience that you have with me... :)
  4. No, i didn't use this weapon editor. Now i try with this. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you, Dave. But i extracted weapondata.ini and weapondata.dat from ObjectData.cat to Objects, I added the code and it don't work. I also paste the file of the weapon in Objects/Weapons. Is it wrong or there is another problem?
  6. Hello, I'm a new entry of the forum and it's the first time that I make a mod for Wings over Israel. I want to add a weapon for an addon aircraft: the fuel tank for the Eurofighter by Craig. I see that there is a weapon editor for WOI but where i can download it and how it works? I try to make the changes with the weapon editor for WOE, but i can't find the weapondata.ini. I also have the code that i can paste in weapondata.ini... Someone can help me? I just want to undestand where is weapondata.ini o an alternate method for the modding. Thanks.

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