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  1. oops figured it out- had to set controls to next gunsight mode...thnx for info !
  2. yea i already got the hunter's pack- unzipped everything into my F-86E folder and still no laed computing sight... my cockpit.ini is as follows: [CockpitData] Directory=cockpit HUDMode=CAGED,AA,AG RippleQuantity=1,2,4 RippleInterval=30,60 [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=50 GunsightName=USK-14_sight.tga AGGunsightName=USK-14b_sight.tga LeadComputing=TRUE MinLeadRange=150 MaxLeadRange=600 DefaultLeadRange=300 MaxDepression=0 DefaultDepression=0 what am i doing wrong here?
  3. can u please snd me a link to your gyro mod? because i tried these settings in cocpit.ini, and it did not do anything
  4. ok guys this is my problem: i have downloaded and installed Korean Air War- but the f-86 sabres have a static piper...i tried editing the cockpit.ini file with the following settings : [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=50 GunsightName=F-100d_Sightyellow.tga LeadComputing=TRUE MinLeadRange=150 MaxLeadRange=600 DefaultLeadRange=300 MaxDepression=125 DefaultDepression=0 and still no lead computing gunsight any help?
  5. well i have downloaded a superb Canadair Mk6 GAF f-86 add-on and it has a static piper...well my question is: is there a lead computing gunsight that i can install for it? ( because i know the sabres had the lead computing gunsights irl) and if there isnt- is there a program i can use to make one? or maybe copy from an f4? any help would be greatly appreciated Roma "A great pilot once told me, shoot then ask questions. I wanted to ask him why, but had to shoot him first"
  6. i am using FreeTrack(same as TRrackIR but free- ask for more info if u wanna make one), so if i just move my head to the left- will it still get stuck on the shoulder view? im not setting up my joystick controls- but if i do- the pilot would be able to see THROUGH the back of the plane- or just stare at the seat's back-rest?
  7. hey guys i have searched the whole forum and had no luck with this: is there any way to be able to look FULLY behind you-180 degrees in the cockpit? if so can anyone help? also i heard long time ago that you can make the enemy aircraft bigger at farther distances( since you can only see then from very close)has anyone figured this one? any hgelp would be greatly appreciated
  8. hey guys i heard somewhere that you can make the targets bigger in WOI...i dont like using the visual acquisition ( the red box) too much coz its not too realistic- but then again , the default target sizes are waaay too hard to spot at a higher distance without using the MAP all the time...i was hoping theres a way to spot targets from farther away ( something like in il-2, when u see a single dot from far away) i tried searching the forum and had no luck..maybe you guys can shed some light on this topic Roma
  9. hi i got an AMDx2 4600+ with an overclocked ASUS 8800GT TOP and WOI runs like crap! 20FPS and most of the time lower! i dont know whats going on here because im able to run all new games really good...FSX for example runs at 35+FPS on 1280x1024 with antialiasing, and everything to high....WOE, WOV run perfectly smooth at around 60-70FPS...i dont understand whats going on with this game..it doesnt seem so graphically advanced that i should be getting such low fps ( with shadows off, mirros off, water medium, horizon distance medium) and other medium aswell...anyone got any suggestions??

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