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  1. Thanks for the replies. The readme idea is a good one. Having dial-up is particularly hard when you are used to broadband. We moved from the U.K.to a little village in the mountains in Italy last year and our broadband connection was one of the "sacrifices" we made. A 40 meg d/l would have taken a few minutes in the U.K. whereas here your'e looking a two and a half hours, + it's impossible to browse the net at the same time as downloading as there simple isn't the bandwidth. Wrench, I'm encouraged to hear that you've got 'Falklands' up and running. I tried a DIY edit on the .ini but got a CTD every time. I'll give your edit a go and let you know how I get on. Lastly, I'm not actually a new member. My usual username is geoff, but due to the above mentioned move and consequent change of e-mail etc.etc. somehow my account got buggered and I couldn't d/l or post in the forums, so I created gwpc as a temporary username. I'm glad to say that Mike has now sorted my account problem so I'll be back with my old username after this. Cheers, Geoff (gwpc)
  2. Could anyone tell me which add-on terrains are compatible with WOE. I downloaded the Falklands terrain only to find it wouldn't work (is there a fix for this as it looks promising?). As I only have 56k dial up I don't want to waste a lot of time downloading stuff that won't work. Thanks
  3. Ever since I updated my e-mail address through the "My Controls" section I have been unable to use the forums, download files etc. I have had to create a new account, username etc.etc. in order to post this topic. I have been a registered member since May 30th 2005. I have sent two copies of the following e-mail to the admin. a week ago but have recieved no reply: I have just updated my e-mail address, I completed the validation process and had a message to say it was all done. I can log in as normal but whenever I try to download a file as I used to I get the following error: We're sorry, but your last request produced the following error: You must be a registered and validated member to download files from this system. Please register with this site and validate your email address. Once complete you can log into the site and this feature will be available to you. I have tried revalidating but get the following: The error returned was: Sorry, that member does not have to validate their account. Please double check the data you entered. If this validation isn't recent, it's possible your old account has been removed. So now I'm beginning to wish I hadn't updated my e-mail address because everything was working perfectly before. My user name is geoff, can you help me to fix this please."

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