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  1. Dear All This is my first post in COMBATACE. And I'm doing it so that I can download that cool looking desert painted IDS Tornado in the downloads section. Anyway, thanks for the ALARM weapon download. Funny that the NATO2 patch had a GR1 Tornado that used American weapons. I was wondering, "Where's the JP233 and ALARM?" So at least I got ALARM now. BYW, for all Tornado fans, you can get nostalgic by surfing over to: http://www.stamford.edu.my/socsscm/tree/tornado.html Regards Frankie "Tornadoman" Kam P.S., why can't ThirdWire come up with a "Wings Over Baghdad" series which features all the Desert Shield/Storm/Operation Iraqi Freedom airplanes, notably the IDS Tornado - get this - WITH a fully featured Mission Planner and dynamic campaign? (you know, ala Digital Integration's Tornado or Falcon4)

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