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  1. Hi folks, just bought Wings over Israel. Awesome game..if it wasn't for some strange texture problems I'm experiencing. All aircraft as well as land vehicles (not the ships) are missing textures. I just get them in plain white color. All the decals are depicted correctly, though. In the loadout screen I just see a black panel/patch where usually a "preview" of the camo scheme should be shown. I downloaded some custom-made A-4F skins. Interestingly, the all work perfectly. One of the schemes is basically the random IDF Camo 1 that comes with the game. I couldn't figure out what the difference between that one and the custom-made was (which worked!) Has any of you guys experienced similar problems? I could not find any other forum entries. Could Vista be a problem? I modified a couple of files (as suggested in this forum) to make the game run on Vista. I also got all the latest drivers and reinstalled the game several times. I guess that was not the problem. I really hope someone can help me. Its just not fun to dogfight against white planes or spot white tanks in the desert! Best whishes, elNiko My System: Intel Core 2 Duo 7200, 2 Gig RAM, Ati Mobility Radeon X1900, Realtek High Defintion Audio,Windows Vista Home Premium

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