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  1. Ejection seats and structural damage.

    How? In a Multiplayercomabt should everyone slows down just because of one Pilot having this SlowMotion? Wouldn't bee cool, believe me.
  2. First thing your doing on JET THUENDER

    i will sit down in a dagger! always wanted to fly in a well modded mirage :) (or any modifications of it)
  3. History Channel Falklands Air War

    thank you for the link, already watching :)
  4. History Channel Falklands Air War

    videos not displayed :( maybe you can also copy the links, not only the embedded version?
  5. Any new updates for us loyal fans?

    ok no editfunction, so i will answer by my self McDonnel Douglas A-4 Skyhawk (Argentine A-4B, A-4C and carrier-based A-4Q) AMD Mirage IIIEA (and israeli-built Mirage export model IAI Nesher/Dagger) FMA IA-58 Pucará BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 BAe Harrier Gr.3 AMD Super Etendard
  6. Any new updates for us loyal fans?

    Hiho JT Team. I wanted to say that I'm also realy looking forward to your first (Demo) Release. I'm from Germany and here you don't realy get much Information about the War in which your Simulation will take place. But it seemes to be very interesiting and so I started to tell some of my Mates about your Sim. Have been fighting a long time in IL2, changed to LockOn in a Squadron. (We're flying as real as possible) I got attracted to Jets and especially for the early Jetera there is almost nothing out there, which provides you high historical accuracy and a full real setting. StrikeFighters is a good choice but they lack on realism. The whole Radarworking for locking a Target is simplified (too much in my eyes) and also the FM is too arcade. But in your Videos it looks quite cool. And as TrackIR owner i love 6DoF Cockpits, like in Blackshark or in IL2 (modded). So I hope that JT will launched soon because it will fill the whole between IL2 and LOMAC. And you go even further, because what i've seen on the Homepage and in the Videofootage tellst that you raise this Sim to a new Level which is not reached by IL2 or Lomac. But up to now I was'nt able to find a (complete) List of the Airplanes, which are included. So would you mind to make one (or present me a link) Would help to advertise JT among my Buddies ;)

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