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  1. When I first bought Strike Fighters, I was impressed. It was an amazing game - many thanks to Thirdwire and Strategy First. However, I was disgusted with the fact that the campaign game centered around "Fictional Arab Country A" attacking "Fictional Arab Country B." The first day that I owned Strike Fighters, I dedicated myself to create a realistic campaign. This is a complete mod to the original Strike Fighters "Burning Sands" campaign. No more will you have to defend a fictional Arab country from another fictional country. The game map happens to look somewhat like the coast of North Africa, so I decided to set the records straight. - Dhimar is replaced with the United Kingdom of Libya (the pro-Western predecessor to Qhadaffi's regime) - Paran is replaced with the Arab Republic of Egypt - Several locations renamed in light of nation change - Updated Libyan roundel - New, flyable squadrons from NATO - one each from the RAF, France, W. Germany, and Italy - Libya (Dhimar) now has only one squadron, made up of A-1s - Mercenaries now called the "Foreign Volunteer Squadron" in the Libyan Air Force - Mercenary insignia and fin flash are Royal Libyan - New aircraft: F-4J (the naval version of the F-4E) - New skin set: Libyan A-1H More to come...

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